Breathe Counselling

Breathe Counselling


Nikki Onraet (DipCoun) MBACP

Those first steps

Choosing the right counsellor for YOU is a daunting task. Do you go with the profile picture and the smile, the blurb, the qualifications or the experience? We all look for different things in a person and choosing a stranger that you may want to tell your innermost thoughts and feelings to is HUGE. As part of my counselling training I was in the same position as you, choosing a counsellor who was going to be right for ME.

I hope I have been able to incorporate some of what I looked for when I chose my counsellor. I wanted to move away from the sterility of the ‘doctors surgery’ as I feel that the counselling environment should incorporate all of the senses and project calmness, to enable clients to relax into the sessions and breathe.

I have set up an established counselling practice, Breathe Counselling, which is located in a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil summerhouse in Singlewell, Gravesend. This combines the serenity and calmness I wanted to capture. For me, I feel that ‘the shed at the bottom of the garden’ is an ideal location for counselling; to feel comfortable, safe and secure. Where the change can start to happen…if the two right people are in the room.

You may have already taken that first step in recognising that you need help on your journey through life. Life experiences shape you into the person you are today; why you do the things you do and say the things you say. With counselling, and exploration, that shape can become less rigid. With knowledge comes the ability to change that shape into a more flexible one, to allow you to see things through fresh eyes enabling you to take those first tentative steps towards creating change in your life.

I offer an empathic, confidential environment so that we can build on our therapeutic relationship, allowing me to walk alongside you on your journey. You can feel listened to, understood, supported and, more importantly, heard and held.

Together we can explore your thoughts and feelings at a deeper level which can open up self-reflection and exploration of issues which may be affecting you.